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We are a non-profit society based in Victoria, B.C. Canada and a business registered with the Canadian government.

Dogs are taken into rescue primarily in Guanajuato, Mexico, rehabilitated and vetted, and prepared for adoption. They then travel to British Columbia and adopted out into loving homes.

                                                                                                                     MEX-CAN PET PARTNERS            SINCE 2000


In 1999 I visited Central Mexico as a tourist and was shocked, saddened and disgusted by the way animals are commonly mistreated, abused, and ignored. I was further saddened because I felt so helpless to help them and considered a “freak” by the locals when I had feelings and cared for these poor souls.  I vowed to start helping them. Dead centre Mexico, in Guanajuato, Guanajuato, considered the “jewel of Mexico, I took that vow. When I returned to Victoria, I formed Mex-Can Pet Partners. In small sterilization campaigns held by “Amigos” I saw some change happening. So, I supported and donated to that by appealing for funds in Victoria, B.C. and purchased supplies and equipment for them.  Over the years there have been many changes.  Currently, the Centro de Salud (Health Department) of Guanajuato holds free spay/neuter clinics throughout the state, and it is supported by “Amigos”. In 2012 Mex- Can Pet Partners parted from Amigos and now focuses on the rescue, rehabilitation and homing of dogs. Dogs arrive to the small Mex-Can shelter in Valenciana, outside of Guanajuato centre, by various means. Some are abandoned anonymously, some brought to us by families that can no longer care for them,  and others miraculously cross our paths at just the right time. We also help the local organization, Fundacion Corazon Canino, with funds for special cases and homing dogs from their shelter whenever possible.


Yes, we do! And, as long as breeders continue to supply puppies for the demand of individuals who feel the need to have a pure bred or designer dog, there will always be a surplus of dogs.                             We would prefer you adopt a homeless dog than fill the pockets of people who produce dogs. 

We believe all dogs in need are worthy of a good home.......even Mexican ones!

Watch the trailer below to start understanding Mexico’s complex issue of canine overpopulation.